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An Australian brand Oats newly launched in Kerala. We are the Master Distributors of Oateo Brand in Kerala.

Right from malted beverages, flavoured oats, sweet and savoury oats, and a mouth-watering delicious filling bowl of SOUP, – OATEO intends to offer you options for every snack and meal made of oats.


Every meal, every snack, every craving can be satisfied with our oatfully healthy alternatives!

Oateo Instant Oats

100% Wholegrain Oats: Naturally Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Heart-Healthy ,Quick Oats, White Oats – No Sugar, No Transfats and Certified by Wholegrain Council of USA. Rich in Beta glucan. Helps in controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

High-Fibre Oats: Oats are a great source of complex carbohydrates providing lots of energy, makes you feel full, aids digestion and promotes weight loss.

Antioxidant Rich Oats which may help prevent premature ageing of skin caused due to free radical damage. Promotes great skin health.

We are looking for Modern Trade Distributors all over Kerala

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